Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3 goes fully bezel-less with a Find X-style camera slider

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Xiaomi president Lin Bin is targeting an October launch. Hot on the heels of Honor teasing the Magic 2 — a bezel-less flagship smartphone with a hidden sliding camera similar to the Oppo Find X — Xiaomi president Lin Bin posted the first official image of the company’s own upcoming Mi Mix 3, which is also a bezel-less flagship smartphone with a hidden sliding camera similar to the Oppo Find X (via GSMArena).
According to the post, Xiaomi is targeting an October release for the Mi Mix 3, although for now, the company has yet to offer any real details about things like specifications or price. But the truly full-screen design does make a lot of sense for the Mi Mix brand considering the previous phones that were released in the series have already been working for years to try and minimize bezels as much as possible. Borrowing the same sliding camera move as the Find X seems like the logical place for the Mi Mix 3 to go. Assuming Xiaomi is planning on hitting that October date, chances are we’ll be hearing much more about the Mi Mix 3 soon. In the meantime, between Oppo, Honor, and now Xiaomi, it’s clear that the battle for cracking the sliding camera bezel-less phone of the future has officially kicked off.