Keppel Land pledges to upsize investments in Ho Chi Minh City

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TheLEADERKeppel Land is committed to furthering its investments in the southern commercial hub, paying attention to its smart property development. Linson Lim, president of Keppel Land Vietnam, noted that the company has faith in Vietnam’s long-term outlook and it seeks to continue strengthening its presence in the country, with a focus in Ho Chi Minh City, in the coming time. In particular, Lim said that Keppel Land looks set to continue providing solutions to help facilitate the urbanisation progress in the city, while tapping in the development of complexes and multi-functional facilities in the area, Lim told the Investment Promotion Conference held recently in Ho Chi Minh City.
To realise these goals, the company has cooperated with Keppel Urban Solutions, an end-to-end master developer of urban developments under Keppel Corporation, to develop the 64-hectare Saigon Sports City township in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 2. Integrated with advanced solutions to enable smart services like securities and access control and remote monitoring of smart infrastructure, the project will offer its residents a high-quality urban living with vibrant and healthy lifestyle upon completed. Saigon Sports City is expected to become the model for urban developments in Vietnam, paving the way for transforming Ho Chi Minh City into a smart city.