In-image Formats

Choose the right creative format for your campaign objective

In-image Banner (IB)

Powerful way to showcase your best offer, using animated creative for higher engagement

In-image Banner with Extra Animation (IBEA)

Extra animation above image allows to focus customers on your key selling point in a visual way

In-image Banner with Takeover (IBT)

Use full image with 3-6 sec animation to promote product core feature or flash deal and boost ad recall 2x

In-image Banner with Carousel (IBC)

Highlight product features or best sellers with static or video cards to drive customers with 2x higher CTR

In-image Banner with Video (IBV)

Boost completed video views with autoplay videos, enhanced with actionable button to drive traffic

In-image Banner with Video Takeover (IBVT)

Use full image with 6 sec bumper video to communicate brand message

In-image Banner with Canva (IB+)

Canva highlights core feature of your offering and achieves feeling of content sponsoring

Triangle In-image Banner (IB3)

Stand out from standard advertising units and achieve image branding appearance with exclusive in-image format.

Under-image Banner (UI)

Drive performance with impactful universal format, located right below highest visible image

In-image Banner with Sticky Buttons (sIB)

Drive more traffic with animated button which amplifies in-image message and stays visible to website visitors while they scroll the page content.

In-image Banner with Interactive Custom Elements (IB+Decor)

Engage your customers with a format which responses to page scroll and delivers rich visual experience.

In-image Banner with Interactive 3D Models (IB3D)

Engage customers with innovative 3D experience of your product that’s responsive to scroll and touch.