Easy and Effective In-Image Ads

Engage over 1 500 000 customers at the very moment that they see online images connected with your brand.
  • Visual content: Minh Hang
    Connected brand: Yamaha Nozza
  • Visual content: Cristiano Ronaldo
    Connected brand: Clear For Men
  • Visual content: Son Tung M-TP
    Connected brand: OPPO

Active and Engaged Placements

Because AdBRO in-image ads are placed inside relevant visual content which people view online, customers are more likely to see your adverts and be engaged.
Did Cristiano Ronaldo agree to join Valencia ten years ago?
Cristiano Ronaldo was not yet a Premier League star in summer of 2006
Top News About Celebrities You Need To See This Week
New Album Just Released And Everyone Love It
Top News About Celebrities You Need To See This Week
New Album Just Released And Everyone Love It
Cristiano Ronaldo
Clear For Men
Son Tung M-TP
Minh Hang
Yamaha Nozza

Highly Viewable Placements

Consumer’s attention is naturally drawn to headlines and images which allows ads embedded in photos achieve over 80% of viewability, while standard banners get less attention due to the banner blindness.

Engage Your Audience

In-image ads will get your customers involved and interacting with your brand. Tailored ads format with video capabilities impacts high brand recall and audience engagement.
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Detected: BMW
Detected: Dog
Detected: Football
Detected: Nike
Detected: Chi Pu

Targeting with Machine Vision

AdBRO machine vision allows to identify image content to match it with your brand ad campaign. As a result ads served embedded into photos with chosen celebrities, objects or trending images both on desktop and mobile!

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In-image advertising helps quality publishers to gain additional revenue by turning photos into profitable inventory on desktop and mobile, while keeping ads relevant, engaging and non-intrusive for viewers.
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